Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Varnished Truth w/e Oct 23 10

Another great weekend! Gretchen and yours truly drove off to look at leaves this afternoon - very pleasant meander.
Meanwhile back at the boatshop - things are moving along nicely.
Welcome new volunteer Jim Steeves from Milton, dropped by the shop by accident last week and jumped in this past Saturday.
Jim joined Alan and George in wet sanding and applying coat #3 of primer to the Lightning - looking really good now. This week either: a) one more wet sanding and another coat of primer - should be perfect for colour or.. b) turn over and leave final finishing until interior is done. Chris! what do you think?
Shepherd 27':
bottom is tightened, tank straps redone and horns both repaired. New carpet on hand and needs to be cut and fitted, few more increasingly minor things BUT! Thursday is scheduled for the great trailer loading adventure! grant is bringing the truck, John is bringing a lift truck (that works) and we'll get at it about 4 PM this Thursday.
minor finishing touches before paint or varnish but once the 27 is of of the shop, let's get these little girls done up.
Potential skiff sponsor visiting the shop on Thursday evening, come out if you can and bring kids if you have 'em.

Ignore that 22' Shepherd beside the boatshop - it isn't ours yet....