Despina In The Water!

What a turnout for the relaunching of Despina after 5 years of scraping,
fitting and varnishing. And it was a 3 season day from warm sun, dark fall,
snowballs and back to warm sun. Thanks to Grant, Jim and the others who
brought the food - there was lots and it hit the spot.

Despina leaked very little for a boat out of the water for 8 or more years,
the pump ran for 20 seconds every 5 minutes or more - very manageable.
Engines sounded wonderful and the boat moved out effortlessly with about 8
of us aboard. The hardier souls ventured out for a zoom around in the open
Dileas and everything went pretty much as hoped for.

A few little things did show up however, controls reversed in action - that
has been corrected and some work to do as a result of the survey. Despina is
back in the boatshop for a couple of weeks then will head over to the shop
at John's quarry for the winter once quarrying has closed for the winter.