Monday, 19 March 2012

George's Shop Updates!

The shop is buzzing with activity!  The rails seats for the latest skiff have been varnished (Ray Jim Scott) , the seats for older skiff ( In showroom) have been bleached(Jim) .

The hull of the Lightning has been sanded ( Peter) . The four "stepped" scarf sheets from stock have been glued successfully and are mounted on light tables for Anton to belt sand (two 16 foots sheets) .

The shorter cross planks for the Shepperd  outboard have been plugged , filled and completed sanding . When we have Johns outer planks we can proceed with assembly . The three sets of fittings for the skiff builds are cut and planed . The three decks have been glued with splines . Jim and I modified the skiff parts SLIDES to suit Antons big 10" saw . They work well and Anton's saw is #1 .