Monday, 11 August 2014

Sea Trials and other tribulations

I exaggerate of course, no such thing as tribulations when it comes to wooden boats....

This week was pretty fun as Barb would say, Gretchen and I took the Hunter up to Bobcaygeon on Monday and puttered around Pidgeon Lake which was new to me and quite lovely. The Hunter caught the attention of more than a few cottagers! We stayed at the "Bob Inn" which is now for sale due to health issues. Great location and interesting old buildings! Next morning we were off to Mississaugua Lake near Buckhorn for two days with friends. This is a tributary lake to the Trent Waterway and includes several other lakes which can all be boated on. We had some very nice runs.

Through the rest of the week a mad scramble to get the Greavette Sun Flash II in the water to see if we have a useable boat. Peter (our Doctor of Motors) was in and we got her running in a bucket - good trick with an I/O.

loaded up and ready to go!
in the water which is mostly outside the boat.

 Once in the water and satisfied that we were not facing any catastrophic leakage ie from the I/O diaphragm, we got down to getting her running. By cranking the throttle a few times she would fire and run at 4000 rpm for a few moments then quit. Eventually we tried keeping the throttle jumping while it ran and this would keep it running at 4000 rpm. Any attempt to lower the throttle would result in it quitting. Meanwhile the forward of the three carburetors was flooding and leaking over so we opened it up and fiddled with the needle and seat which improved the situation considerably.

Taking opportunity into our bare hands as it were - we decided to cast off and see if we could get into the lake by short bursts of starting until we could get it going at 4000 rpm. The thinking being that this might flow through whatever junk is fouling the carbs. We tricked the neutral start feature and made it out but she wouldn't make enough power to get on plane.

Using the handle end of a ratchet I knocked on the sides of the carbs and finally she jumped up and ran like a cat! While she remained prone to stalling nothing beyond a carb rebuild would prevent her being a great boat again. Must be our fastest boat that is not a race boat!

We poked our way up the Humber River a bit, ran around Humber Bay a bit and it was time for Jim to head home. You can see in this picture that he was very blue at having to leave Scott and I to carry out the rest of the programme...

MB and Scott head back out leaving Jim on the pier.

 So, as to the rest of the programme, that involved getting something to eat and the nearest docking with food is Chris' club, Mimico Cruising Club. We ran around there - took a picture of Chris' lonely Folkboat Puffin and tie up (as opposed to tied one on) for a delicious lunch.

One lonely Puffin - Chris being in Quebec for some reason
Hisself looking well, hisself

Scott looking pensive

That was the week that was and who could ask for more really. Actually you could. By volunteering or becoming a Gatsby member - you would be invited on the Raids and Sea Trials you read about here!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cobey Raid last Friday!

OK so this was supposed to be part of the previous post but it got too late last night....anyway Dileas never made it into the water last weekend at Picton so was still untested. The new plan was to goof off Friday with a few of our folks and see if she was ready for service with the water pump done and some bottom repairs completed as well.

Thursday evening was Shore Leave Night and it was back to pizza & beer as the cedarstrip salmon got stuck in BC! Wayne, George, Ray, Glen & MB had a lovely time particularly savouring the pleasures of McEwans Scottish beer under Wayne's tutorial leadership - och aye!

George gestures hypnotically to the team....

MB had invited Gatsby member Ron to join the Dileas test outing and Glen decided to join us as well the next morning. The target for this little Raid was Bolsover on the Trent so we could enjoy the novelty of the Kirkfield Lift Lock on the way to Balsam Lake.

Ron and Glen on the channel marks

Just can't beat the sound!

Once into Balsam Lake we headed up the west shore to Glen's cottage where he needed to measure up for a new railing. He has a lovely spot but was liking the look of Dileas at the dock a bit too much....

does look good there!

measure measure measure

From there up to Coby (Coboconk) where we docked just before the bridge and wandered over the the nearest food supply for a lovey lunch looking out over the river. On our way back to the lake, the sky was beginning to look dark and the forecast wasn't good so wee headed back to our start point which took us back over the Kirkfield Lock again....

Quite a view
just a bit bizzare your first time in a lift lock!
the gate lowers to let us out.
down we go.

and so back to Sunset Cove Marina where we started. Bit tricky getting into the ramp but all went well and we missed the rain. So went the Raid on Cobey!

On Sunday Peter was in and we were able to do a test firing of the Greavette Sun Flash II and verify that it is pumping water and all systems still work. We degreased the engine and bilge so all looks good. Next the water test - stay tuned!

where there is a will, there is a way.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

A two Raid Week - Picton and Cobey

A lot happened in the shop this last week or two - otherwise our two outings with boats couldn't have happened! But Let's get on with the boating and social activity. First was a long scheduled annual event which we are now calling the Raid on Picton! Grant has again invited us to visit his cottage on the water in Picton and we had a great time again this year.

George ran his restored VW Hippie Wagon towing the skiff he built last year, Scott towed the Richardson AquaFlyer cedarstrip down and on Sunday afternoon MB arrived with the Dileas in tow and the Mini-Hopper sea flea in the back of the truck.

George in his lovely skiff
Richardson with 18HP Johnson

The crew went off chasing antique bikes at Ameliasberg Sunday morning - and got a ride on a restored Henderson 4 cyl Outfit - very cool bikes, I had a couple years ago - they want to lie down when you crank the throttle!

George might be grinning in this shot

1928 or so Henderson 4 cyl.

More boatrides including on Grant's ChrisCraft Cavalier which he has installed new cabin windows in. Sunday afternoon we unloaded the sea flea and splashed it. Bernie has done a remarkable job - it really looks good. First run with a 50's Evinrude 7 1/2 MB restored last Thursday was a plowing match - so John put Grants 8 HP 4 stroke on and it did the same thing. Tuesday morning Grant and MB put it in the water again with the Evinrude tilted right down and she jumped right up and ran!

Mini-Hopper ready!
What a picture - hardly needs words

here he comes!

too fast for pictures

And those are the highlights of the Picton Raid 2014 - our hearty thanks to Grant for his hospitality and generosity - again!