Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kids fight cancer and build boats!

It was an awsome weekend full of laughter, learning and boatbuilding. 8 kids built 2 of our Boats 4 Folks Skiffs in 2 days. For our volunteers it was inspirational and moving to work with these kids in an atmosphere of "Can Do" despite having no skills for the tasks required. As in the other area of their lives requiring something new - they were all over it.

I think the pictures speak for themselves...

We arrive on Saturday morning..
centre frame assembly under way

Attaching first side panel to stem...
bending sides to transom-lots of hands!
look like boats for first time!
Bending in the chines...

Fairing the chines with planes..
jig sawing out the bottom.
"You got Sikaflex where???"
bottoms up!!

right side up! Boatbuilding team happy!
frames going in fast!

Ooch kids Rule!
(do kids still say that?)