Saturday, 12 September 2015

One More Sail with Kids!

Following Boat 4 Folks we were able to have all the kids who were involved with the boatbuilding out on our Lightning "Bolt". For all it was a new experience and they all loved it. They didn't mind the other old boats we had along either!

The purpose of the sailing and other boating is to get the kids interested in coming back to the shop to learn more and experience new water sports.

Bolt ready to go

are we happy? YOU BET

future captain
she moves with ease and grace

Far out Man
Way Cool
our fleet at MSC

 OK so I may have mis-quoted our visitors but they had a blast as you can see!

A few days later some of us who have been involved with Bolt's restoration over the past 4 years had a final sail before out time was up at MSC. A very lovely outing.

George having an eye
the real sailors are in charge now - where the hell's the wind!

Boats 4 Folks 2015

This year is the first time we have the opportunity to experiment with adding new dimensions to our traditional "4 kids build boat in 2 days" programme (Boats 4 Folks). Up to now the event lasts two days and we occasionally see the kids bck in the shop.

We realized some time ago that we needed to do something to get them a bit more hooked on our programme hence the restoration of the Lightning and the outboard raceboats.

As usual we got four great kids and the weekend went really well.

transom goes in
side being fastened to transom

measuring first

using the back saw

matching the sides
Anton coaching
Defna teaching
taking shape

preparing for the bottom

all hands on bottom

new boat - new boaters!

and into the water

let's see, how does this go again?
let me give you a pointer...
wanna race? yup! and they did

Bolt's First Sail

Well four years of wonderful work has resulted in one of the best looking Lightnings to be seen on the water. Finally through our members Scott and Rob we were able to settle on the Mississauga Sailing Club as a venue for Bolt's first sail. Off we went with a couple of safety boats in tow as well - first time a TNT was ever called a safety boat I'll bet!

Beautiful day but not much wind - enough however to satisfy ourselves about the basics.

every inch a sailor! Ready aye ready
into the drink for the first time

a lovely sight indeed
where is that wind?
Oh well, lets use some Shepherd wind

Devrim in charge

So the first sail was a bit underwhelming but with any whiff at all she just moves easily. It was a great day with many smiles. MSC really liked what are are up to and invited us to leave Bolt there rigged so we could run our B4F sailing programme courtesy of the club.

K&C at Canada Day in the Glen

We have been taking a boat or two in the parade for the Canada Day celebrations in our hamlet of Glen Williams for more than ten years. It is a real old timey day that is becoming increasingly rare in this century. This year a new part was added when Barb McGill of The Glen Fitness Studio offered us space in her driveway next to the parade route for a display.

This made quite a difference to our presence and we appreciate to gift!

Thanks Barb!

K&C Does Classics Against Cancer

For the second year we have been honoured to be invited to display our boats and programme skiffs at the big antique car show in Georgetown. This event has been held for decades, on Father's Day, in Cedarvale Park, Georgetown. It is a fabulous day and a perfect event for us to participate in. Thanks to the organizing committee!

cool 40




my favourite

Shepherd looking good

they loved our work

lots of interest and sold some raffle tickets too
Thanks to our team of volunteers for making this such a successful day. Fun too!

Picton Raid 2015 - The Best of Times

Every year (so far), Grant invites the museum volunteers for a weekend of boating and fooding at his spectacular digs in Picton. This year we had a great turnout and mostly lovely weather. All the boats worked some of the time and all the time some of the boats worked...

JJ and Gord toasting some huge victory
Yup! teamwork

half of the motley crew
even more motley this crew..

at the Picton town dock where we launch
the Mini-Hopper being set up

looking out of port from town dock.

JJ and the Mini-Hopper
Rory at the helm of 17' Shepherd

Ray the sailor
Father and son in control

Ray having a blast
Idylic scene

Polish sausage by Rayski
day is done and food is gone

sunset over Gord
can't have too many boats
TNT and sportsmen

Err, why'd it quit JJ?

Snipe taking the air.

no caption required
So my take away from this weekend - after thanking Grant for inviting us back - is "you can't take too many engines".