Saturday, 12 September 2015

Boats 4 Folks 2015

This year is the first time we have the opportunity to experiment with adding new dimensions to our traditional "4 kids build boat in 2 days" programme (Boats 4 Folks). Up to now the event lasts two days and we occasionally see the kids bck in the shop.

We realized some time ago that we needed to do something to get them a bit more hooked on our programme hence the restoration of the Lightning and the outboard raceboats.

As usual we got four great kids and the weekend went really well.

transom goes in
side being fastened to transom

measuring first

using the back saw

matching the sides
Anton coaching
Defna teaching
taking shape

preparing for the bottom

all hands on bottom

new boat - new boaters!

and into the water

let's see, how does this go again?
let me give you a pointer...
wanna race? yup! and they did

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