Saturday, 12 September 2015

LIghtning, TNT and calculatin'

Rory removed the instruments from the damp Greavette - they'll have to go for professional rebuild once we get to this boat's restoration. Jim and Gord are outboarding it under the generous coaching of Peter.

Gord and lower unit
Jim and upper unit?
Rory removes water damaged instruments

We had an opportunity to provide a couple of skiffs for a movie shoot and one was the old beater skiff - so we had to make it look like new from 100 yards! TNT is getting help from many as we get closer to water testing time.

this is the 1999 skiff being cleaned up
our two-skiff trailer setup

Gord on the TNT steering

Scott picks up a Dragon, does it breathe fire? we'll have to the moment it is pretty quiet. The old skiff is beginning to look pretty spiffy - which is pretty amazing really. More Richardson sanding followed by more Richardson sanding...TNT get new seat structure that has three position settings. Lightning finally has vertical mast! after many calculations...

Scott and his pet Dragon - leaving
Scott and his pet Dragon - arriving

Devrim and Glen calculating

George and Ray sanding

ugly duckling transforming (not Bernie)

Devrim still calculating

three computers are better that one?

New seat for TNT

first test pilot - "I wan dis boat dad"

the mast arrives at the boat

insert mast in hole...

Rory inspecting instruments

First wind on the Lightning

It almost looks like boating is about to happen. The Lightning has been more than four years in the restoring and this is getting pretty exciting (and agonizing).

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