Saturday, 12 September 2015

Picton Raid 2015 - The Best of Times

Every year (so far), Grant invites the museum volunteers for a weekend of boating and fooding at his spectacular digs in Picton. This year we had a great turnout and mostly lovely weather. All the boats worked some of the time and all the time some of the boats worked...

JJ and Gord toasting some huge victory
Yup! teamwork

half of the motley crew
even more motley this crew..

at the Picton town dock where we launch
the Mini-Hopper being set up

looking out of port from town dock.

JJ and the Mini-Hopper
Rory at the helm of 17' Shepherd

Ray the sailor
Father and son in control

Ray having a blast
Idylic scene

Polish sausage by Rayski
day is done and food is gone

sunset over Gord
can't have too many boats
TNT and sportsmen

Err, why'd it quit JJ?

Snipe taking the air.

no caption required
So my take away from this weekend - after thanking Grant for inviting us back - is "you can't take too many engines".

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