Saturday, 12 September 2015

more catch-up - end of April

Time to get more boats out, Greavette is parked and holed, let's try the 17' Shepherd next. In order to make some space in the shop we decide to "fly" a few boats. There is new interest in the purchase of one of our 27' Shepherds - not Despina however. And we make a pattern for the new inner transom of the 16' Shepherd Outboard.

16' Shepherd transom structure
pattern laid out for copying

canoe and skiff flying
27' Shepherd Aphrodite

17' Shepherd a bit scruffy - raccoons!

We have a decent Shepherd collection in fact. Once the 16' Outboard is complete the fleet will provide great training and fun opportunities. What's missing is a 22' (and a 24).

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