Saturday, 12 September 2015

One More Sail with Kids!

Following Boat 4 Folks we were able to have all the kids who were involved with the boatbuilding out on our Lightning "Bolt". For all it was a new experience and they all loved it. They didn't mind the other old boats we had along either!

The purpose of the sailing and other boating is to get the kids interested in coming back to the shop to learn more and experience new water sports.

Bolt ready to go

are we happy? YOU BET

future captain
she moves with ease and grace

Far out Man
Way Cool
our fleet at MSC

 OK so I may have mis-quoted our visitors but they had a blast as you can see!

A few days later some of us who have been involved with Bolt's restoration over the past 4 years had a final sail before out time was up at MSC. A very lovely outing.

George having an eye
the real sailors are in charge now - where the hell's the wind!

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