Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bolt's First Sail

Well four years of wonderful work has resulted in one of the best looking Lightnings to be seen on the water. Finally through our members Scott and Rob we were able to settle on the Mississauga Sailing Club as a venue for Bolt's first sail. Off we went with a couple of safety boats in tow as well - first time a TNT was ever called a safety boat I'll bet!

Beautiful day but not much wind - enough however to satisfy ourselves about the basics.

every inch a sailor! Ready aye ready
into the drink for the first time

a lovely sight indeed
where is that wind?
Oh well, lets use some Shepherd wind

Devrim in charge

So the first sail was a bit underwhelming but with any whiff at all she just moves easily. It was a great day with many smiles. MSC really liked what are are up to and invited us to leave Bolt there rigged so we could run our B4F sailing programme courtesy of the club.

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