Monday, 22 July 2013

now where was I....?

Right! ACBS Gravenhurst Raceboat Show, July 6. Yours truly and Scott departed the Boatshop at 6:30 AM with a skiff in the back of the truck and Gas-Hopper in tow. We did not get off to a graceful start - the 1945 trailer hitch kept giving us trouble and we even returned to the shop for repairs once. It finally got sorted and we were off but late. On arrival at the show we proceeded to our spot in the Field of Dreams across the road from the show itself. Wayne met us there and helped with booth set-up and the first couple of hours. Great day, met quite a few racers who remember Dave Norton, sold some T shirts but not the skiff. Anton arrived later in the day and assisted with packing up!

6:30 AM - nuff said

Gas-Hopper has a unique look!
beautiful day and beautiful boats

Next year - IN THE WATER!

we did get quite a bit of information and leads for Dave's story

Thursday, 18 July 2013

ACBS Gravenhurst, Big Daddy Festival and shop!

First thing, the winner of the skiff raffle on Big Daddy Festival day was Joey who says he never won anything in his life before! He loves the boat and looked into using it with his church but no solution to storing or moving it was possible. He has decided that K&C should sell the boat on a 50/50 basis. So here's the deal!

Make us an offer for this skiff, including oars.
Usual price is $1700
material costs $1200

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

4 Kids build skiff and row it!

Our first Boats 4 Folks event of the 2013 season was held on the 4th of May weekend and as usual it was an amazing experience for all involved....

within a couple of hours it looks like a boat!
We had a lovely weekend for boatbuilding outside!

George goes over a fine point of construction

the team has the skiff looking good on Sunday morning

nearly done!

disbelief - it floats and doesn't leak!

a little instruction on rowing...

and we can't get them out of it!