Friday, 24 August 2012

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Of sanding and boating -- a little catch-up

Well this is a bit overdue!  Lots of sanding and painting in the boatshop this past month with the result that one of the skiffs built at Camp Ooch and which we are donating to their summer camp, is finished and ready to go and the Lightning undersides are painted (as of today!).

Kacy and George sand up a storm
Ray attacks Lightning
Ooch skiff DONE!

One gorgeous Lightning!

Life is not all sanding, tacking and painting however and we have been out boating as well. Your scribe has been on an outing last week which took him past Woodwind Yachts, Ken had some lovely projects in his shop...

A new Folkboat heading to Boston...
Wow a Fontaine just like ours!

Beautiful Ackroyd

I got a 5 minute lesson in replacing ribs - really helpful!

The usual drill is to head down to Outer Harbour and Despina our 27' Shepherd on Sundays. Today was no exception plus we moved the Richardson cedar strip down as well to make two types of boating in one slip. We called Chris about meeting him at Puffin (MCC) but he wasn't down - we went anyway and had a great lunch on the balcony!

Ray, Jim & Scott frame Puffin but no Chris!
Ray gets first lesson on Despina...

While Scott and Jim lap up the day

All buttoned up after another fine adventure!

 We have noticed a very fine Shepherd called Eagle Eye docked just a few slip saway from Despina - today we met her (Oh and Ron). She is a 30' Day Cruiser with galley, dinette, standing head and V berth below.

Eagle Eye!
A beautiful Shepherd!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Another Skiff ready to bite the water

I arrived at the shop tonight as Malcolm and George were installing the thwart seats; we put a bit of LockTite ( I think it was) on the bolts to keep the nuts fast. Then the oarlocks... ugly though they are, the best kind for the inexperienced . Done!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

T-Rex attacks Chris Craft

And we found out how to get videos up onto our blog! Thanks to the WoodyBoater blog for this!

PS - couldn't they have saved all the screws??