Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cobey Raid last Friday!

OK so this was supposed to be part of the previous post but it got too late last night....anyway Dileas never made it into the water last weekend at Picton so was still untested. The new plan was to goof off Friday with a few of our folks and see if she was ready for service with the water pump done and some bottom repairs completed as well.

Thursday evening was Shore Leave Night and it was back to pizza & beer as the cedarstrip salmon got stuck in BC! Wayne, George, Ray, Glen & MB had a lovely time particularly savouring the pleasures of McEwans Scottish beer under Wayne's tutorial leadership - och aye!

George gestures hypnotically to the team....

MB had invited Gatsby member Ron to join the Dileas test outing and Glen decided to join us as well the next morning. The target for this little Raid was Bolsover on the Trent so we could enjoy the novelty of the Kirkfield Lift Lock on the way to Balsam Lake.

Ron and Glen on the channel marks

Just can't beat the sound!

Once into Balsam Lake we headed up the west shore to Glen's cottage where he needed to measure up for a new railing. He has a lovely spot but was liking the look of Dileas at the dock a bit too much....

does look good there!

measure measure measure

From there up to Coby (Coboconk) where we docked just before the bridge and wandered over the the nearest food supply for a lovey lunch looking out over the river. On our way back to the lake, the sky was beginning to look dark and the forecast wasn't good so wee headed back to our start point which took us back over the Kirkfield Lock again....

Quite a view
just a bit bizzare your first time in a lift lock!
the gate lowers to let us out.
down we go.

and so back to Sunset Cove Marina where we started. Bit tricky getting into the ramp but all went well and we missed the rain. So went the Raid on Cobey!

On Sunday Peter was in and we were able to do a test firing of the Greavette Sun Flash II and verify that it is pumping water and all systems still work. We degreased the engine and bilge so all looks good. Next the water test - stay tuned!

where there is a will, there is a way.

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