Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Boatshop This Week

what a great week at the shop.
A good turnout of volunteers including James twice!
Many enquiries about buying skiffs or Pond Boats as seems to be the hot button around here.

The last skiff is S1'ed three coats on the inside, the outside needs filling and fairing before S1ing.
The Jan skiff is faired and ready for stain touch-up and S1 touch up as well before varnish and paint.
To those of you who have expressed and interest in purchasing one of our skiffs, now would be a perfect time. We need a batch of oars and parts for the next few builds. There is a waiting list of kids for our Boats 4 Folks event!
The Lightning needs a final sand-out then S1, primer and paint.
The windshield is in the big Shepherd which is the last dirty job, just leaves wipers, spots, hatch, ladders and seats. Oh yes, after the wiring is complete...poke poke...
Got sailing with Chris in the Sonatina last week in lots of breeze, great fun and we learned the trick of righting it too - very educational outing on Bellwood. Wouldn't believe what happened to the water level in two weeks though!
Who wants to go boating this week??

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