Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Varnished Truth w/e Dec 18 10

The core volunteers have been "at it" as usual and visible progress has been made on our key projects.

The Lightning seat structure is complete and bolted in place, George will be figuring out the seats themselves next. Chris meanwhile has completed and fitted the side deck braces and will have them permanently installed this week. Almost time for final priming and painting the inside of the hull! A milestone approaches.

Skiff kit production has received a boost from Ron Frenette and K&C Volunteer Alastair Dempster who is going to coach us on the production of fine transoms and knees next week in their new Georgetown Canoe shop (416 543-2760). They have the equipment we don't have! (well maybe a bit of skill we don't yet have either).

Jim has been sanding away at skiffs and will be into some staining and varnishing this week, lot's of room for assistence here!

The bottom of the big Shepherd has been scraped back to the dolley (ie most of it) and the next step is to draw and plug  some bottom screw holes so they sit flush when re-installed. Voluteers welcome on this one as well.

We'll have a vist from a few members of the local North Halton CPS Bridge this Saturday as well - they are curious and would like to see what joint efforts might be appropriate.

For those who would like to go antique boating in Florida in March next year, there are several ways you can join the team of volunteers planning to go down for the ACBS St. John's River Cruise and the big boat show at Mt. Dora, Fla. Contact Malcolm or Grant if you are curious.

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