Wednesday, 13 July 2011

K&C Skiff donated to Camp Huronca!


Date: Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Event: “Project Rowboat”: From “Kids and Classics Boatshops” to “Camp Huronda”.

Times: 11 AM: Kids & Classics Boatshop Museum, 586 Main Street, Glen Williams, Ontario L6G 3T6 Contact: Malcolm Black – Founder (905-873-0141)

           4:30 PM: Canadian Diabetes Association “Camp Huronda”, 1252 South Waseosa Lake Road, Ontario, P1H 2N4 (705-789-7153)
Contact: Sue Taylor – Regional Director, CDA  (519-673-1630)

Sometimes the stars align and very good things happen!

When Bob Kayser, a retired business executive, bought raffle tickets from an old friend to support his volunteer work with “Kids and Classics Boatshops” in Glen Williams, Ontario – he didn’t expect to win the handmade rowboat crafted so lovingly by the kids-at-risk who are helped there!  Nor did he have a place for it.

When his name was drawn on Father’s Day, Bob decided to donate the classic skiff to Camp Huronda, a residential summer camp for children with Type 1 diabetes near Huntsville, Ontario, in the name of Jay Gilbert, a recent MBA graduate whom Bob had met through his own mentoring activities in London, Ontario, and who’s life story to date has been so positively influenced by his 15 summers at Camp Huronda and by his strong advocacy for those with Type 1 diabetes like himself.

So on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 “Kids and Classics Boatshops” founder Malcolm Black will host the rowboat hand-off event in Glen Williams at 11:00 AM followed by the launch at Camp Huronda hosted by Camp Director Amanda Grassick and other Canadian Diabetes Association delegates at 4:30 PM that afternoon.

Kids and Classics Boatshops Museum is a non-profit, volunteer organization committed to the transformation of lives.  The particular focus is kids-at-risk to deliver a self esteem boosting program called “Boats For Folks” through which four kids build a 12’ rowboat in two days and then get in it and row it.  The kids are encouraged to return to learn more advanced boatbuilding skills by working on the shop’s fleet of antique boats.  In addition, learning the skills of sailing and rowing fosters the development of positive social skills.
For more information please visit

Camp Huronda is owned and operated by the Canadian Diabetes Association and lies on a beautifully wooded peninsula on Lake Waseosa near Huntsville, Ontario.  This superb 110-acre setting offers permanent camp facilities for children with Type 1 diabetes through carefully planned day and evening programs that provide children with a summer of adventure, fun, activities, new skills, and health care.
The camp offers four 2-week sessions in July and August for 8-15 year olds, as well as two 1-week sessions for 8-10 year olds in August.
For more information please visit or call 1-800-Banting (226-8464)

The boat has just left for Camp Huronca and here are a few pictures of this little event.

Bob, Gunby kids, Jay & Malcolm

Add Sue and Christine from CDA, London

Pictures by Rob Currie, K&C volunteer...more to come from Camp Huronda, Jim & Shirley Steeves went north to the camp on behalf of Kids & Classics Boatshops!

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