Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lost Souls show up! and stuff happens...

Scott jumps in - well, leans in...
Lots happened this week in and around the shop....including the return of our long lost core volunteer Bill Bowmer! (and our only somewhat lost Scott)
Trevor preps the skiff for paint
Trevor sanded and helped apply another coat of paint to the skiff while mastering tossing a line!
Line laid out like a bar!
Trevor winds up for the toss..
Skiff is almost ready for colour on the inside...


Lightning is ready for deck covering and Chris has almost decided how we are going to do that. More original trim is ready for varnish as well. We are trying to retain as much of the original material as possible but still have a beautiful result.
the cleanup after the dumking
Three projects moved along this week!
16' Shepherd is out of the pond and back in the shop after a rinse out. The Merc Marathon is being reduced to it's components towards a full restoration - John in charge of that one.
6 weeks ago like this...
Today a bit more promising!
Quail our cedar tender was bleached with oxalic acid to reduce the black iron stains. Again we are hoping to be able to return it to a bright finish - won't be perfect but we'll see. Huge improvement so far!

This week we' hope to get the Shepherd off it's trailer and onto dollies. While it did take up immensely after 3 weeks in the pond, it is not tight by any means so...we'll be doing a bottom rebuild before anything else. A venture into new territory!

Quail will next be sanded with 60 grit to see what happens to the stains and to smooth our the best of the damage to her planks.

Colour coat on the skiff

and Lighting trim ready for varnish? (Chris?)

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  1. That was after getting all the ice out of it, wasn't it?