Monday, 24 September 2012

Despina looks at Niagara Falls!

Despina is parked out front of the boatshop on this 24th day of September but she has been busy!

On Sept 7 she ran over to the Humber Ramps and got loaded on our floating trailer for a trip to Niagara Falls! Scott, Gretchen and I headed for the Niagara Parkway. I had earlier found the Miller Creek Marina - across and around the tip of Grand Island from the Buffalo Launch Club and The ACBS frontier Chapter annual boat show - this year featuring Shepherd Boats! A real Shepherd Fest!

Despina and other Shepherds at Shepherd Fest
View of raceboat pits and Lighthouse!

Friday was overcast and it drizzled a bit but that evening the Chapter put on a great filet dinner where we met new folks and had a great time. Afterwards we headed to Tonawonda Creek in Despina with  new friends to see the entrance to the Erie Canal and some neat boathouses.

Saturday was overcast again and it did rain a bit in the morning but the afternoon cleared up and the raceboats got running - wonderful stuff! Despina was very popular and Scott and I had many interesting conversations!

Love Roostertails!
Antique fireboat makes a courtesy visit

there were many lovely cruisers
and Chris Craft was well represented

But Sunday was the day! Weather was OK all morning and the fleet headed off for the annual run around Grand Island - it was great! No-one went over the Falls, Rich Deglopper got lots of video footage from Miss St Laurence - including Shepherds running together..

Andy demonstrated local knowledge...
cameras are all out as we approach the Falls...

That would be Niagara Falls just there...
the fleet gathered and paused at the Falls

Here are a few more shots from Gretchen's camera...

 after the run the party broke up, with Despina headed back around the corner to Millers Creek, the trailer and home. This is a really great event - it would be cool to take more boats next year! During the event I ran into some ACBS friends including Pete Laurence & Pierrette who insisited they had some gifts for our boatshop if we could get together!

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