Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lightning & skiff progress

A rainy day on the outside but lots of fun on the inside!

Chris, George, Jim and Ray all on hand today and lots of progress resulted.

The Lightning was the prime focus:

Ray sands bench seat inserts...
George and Chris rip out the gunnel stock from a 20' Mahogany plank

Jim polishing the bronze chainplates
Bronze chainplates done!

Meanwhile a little work got done on the last skiff built on Big Daddy Festival Weekend....

George marked out the "sculling notch"
and jig sawed it out...
Chris begins making the transom "pretty"

And finally it is time to get the mast and boom for the Lightning down from our spar rack!

The unseen George feeds the spars to Ray and Chris..

We sorted out the rigging which looks well done and complete although a few things will have to be replaced. Some of the turnbuckles are a bit agriculteral looking and some fraying has occurred!

All and all a great day in the boatshop!

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