Wednesday, 9 October 2013

ACBS Fall Colours Tour 2013

In what is now an ancient and honorable tradition ( which is when something is done twice) the Kids & Classics team took Despina on the ACBS Fall Colour Tour. This entailed a 6 AM start from the shop in the Glen with Despina in tow up to Lake Muskoka, putting in at Bala ( after a stretch and a coffee and buying of pastries at the Bala Bakery) motoring down Bala Bay, through Coulter Narrows (a low railroad bridge), out into Lake Muskoka around to East Bay Marina for fuel, then onto the rendevous point, a cottage on Morris island to join the rest of the group.  Then ensued a tour of the lake, a first for this writer, which involved some chart reading, rubbernecking of millionaire cottages and boathouses, meeting the Segwun on her way up past Rankin Island, her sister ship coming down past Christmas Island, and snubbing the odd plastic boat that came up close to investigate.

While the colours were not out in full, the weather, which had not been promising, improved greatly, in fact, the sun came out for a good portion of the day. Wood looked good!

Rendevous at the the cottage, shake hands all round and off to Bala, haul out the boat and on the road back to the Glen, back home by 5.

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