Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last Post!

Now don't take the title the wrong way!

Last shop update of 2013 - maybe.

As of today, the Red Skiff is RED and the prospective buyer has confirmed his purchase. we will be showing it in our booth at TIBS, be sure to come by as it is a bit different and quite lovely.

Mahogany sets off the red nicely
needs a few days to harden before turning over.
 And the rudder and two tiller components of the Lightning got a FINAL coat of varnish today as well (Chris)....

Plans for our booth at TIBS are coming along including a raffle of a skiff to the winners choice of colour (maybe). Details to come on this.

On display we will have 2 skiffs, the Lightning and either the TNT or a MiniMax if we get one built in time. Who's up for that project if I get the materials on the 2nd (if Noah's is open)? Anyone like to sponsor our first MiniMax?

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