Sunday, 20 April 2014

Boat Teams Scrambling to next stage..

Interesting how the four boat teams are coming up to a major transition in their projects like a horse race in the stretch...or not!

TNT under the watch and action of Steve and Jason will be faired out for painting of the bottom by the end of the next session I think. This week was the detail of filling all dimples and divots with thickened epoxy - dab by dab.
dabs of epoxy fill screw holes
ready for final sanding out

Mini-Hopper moves along with Bernie and Troy filling and fileting as well as making a landing place for the forward bulkhead. It will be epoxied into place and will have a screw out 4" handhole in it for ventilation when no on the water. Part of our deliberations on this project are the considerations for creating a buildable kit for the future.

handy to work on like this.
using ply strips as landing surface.

The Skiff team has installed the new keel and it is SikaFlexed and boat nailed down. We use screws to pull the parts together but they will come out and be replaced by boat nails which will make the interior much easier to finish.

Jim did a lovely job of fairing in the bow of the keel to the stem

The Shepherd crew got both bottom panels glued up and coated with 3 coats of epoxy. Next time we won't try to make a removable panel like this - we'll follow the suggestion from Clarion to assemble the inner bottom right onto the boat permanently the first time. Makes sense once you've done it the (hard) way we are doing this one!

we used grey epoxy floor paint for the third coat.

Not too much action int he engine shop this week but another engine arrived of just the right size and a load of spare parts also arrived - thanks Peter!

a nice little 3 arrived

a slightly newer Evinrude 8 also showed up

and a load of parts - including some rare ones.

So that's last week. This week we have Shore Leave Night on Thursday April 24 so come on out, we have something new in store - weather permitting an old fashioned Polish Sausage Roast around the bonfire by the river, courtesy of our newest board member Ray!

Let us know if you are thinking of joining us! 905 873-0141 or

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