Sunday, 7 September 2014

Boats 4 Folks Event a win on Labour Day Weekend!

Last week was a very fine Boats 4 Folks Event in the boatshop - 4 kids from Milton came to the boatshop and built a skiff in 2 days. In spite of some comings and goings - Christian, Owen and John launched the boat they had built and learned how to row it!

Day one of the event involves lots of new tool skills but they were right on it and did a great job....
then the stem is attached

first the centre frame must be made

The project advances in stages. the team is divided into the centre frame making team and the sides book-matching team. Once boat are ready, the stem is attached to the sides and the sides are bent around the frame and fastened.

and the shape of the boat is visible now
sides are fastened fore and aft

The bottom has to be on by the end of day one or the boat can't float on day two - so getting the chines in and faired to receive the bottom becomes a scramble!

this is a "Scramble" - planing and checking

finally the bottom goes on bedded in SikaFlex - a semi-magic marine sealant adhesive, make sure you are wearing gloves! Now the bronze boat nails with everyone hammering!

then hundreds of boat nails!
after a trial fit the bottom is trimmed

Day two and the boat is turned right side up - where it looks like a boat! Now the more fiddley stuff, half frames, seat risers, gunnels, knees and seats.

setting the knees
checking a seat riser

attaching the gunnels (gunwhales)

finally the seats go in

 The moment arrives when there is nothing for it but the boat must go in the water! So we load into Georges trusty old truck and off to John's quarry (HillTop Quarry).

loaded and ready to go
boat builders, coach and skiff...

and she goes!

she floats!

 And another great boat building event is done! This was a really great team to teach - we had a ball and they built a great boat!

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