Sunday, 1 November 2015

fall cleanup, skiff cleanup and Johnson moments

there comes a time in the affairs of a tupperware boat...can't give it away but a really good little trailer tied up underneath it. So it's Sawzall Time and off to Humpty Dumpty - soon.

George and Anthony remove salvageable hardware for future use while Jim continues on his quest for knowledge and expertise with old Johnsons. This week he even brought his chum Feroz with him. Pretty cool really, Jim is learning and teaching.

This engine was seized below
problem solved and moving on

Our most reliable Johnson 18 needed new fuel lines which requires considerable disassembly to accomplish. Under Peter's coaching Rory does this all himself - first time effort - congratulations Rory!

persistence paid off here!

meanwhile Anton arrived and we had the skiff almost ready for stain on the inside - he wished to do a little filling and fairing so the paint job would look better later. This came from hard lessons learned on earlier boats! This is pre-Epifanes preparation

Bernie is so fast he's blurred

"just give me a few more minutes"

Rory gets a lesson in fairing out for a finish

 That's some of what happened in the shop this week. Also a some boats got into storage and winterized with a few more to go. What's almost more important is what's happening not in the shop.

Upcoming in January from 9th to 17th is the Toronto Boat Show (TIBS) and again we are favoured with a booth in the foyer of the Energy Centre right next to the ACBS booth. This year we will be adding some activities created for the Lives Matter event to engage young people visiting the boat show in some hands-on woodworking, outboard repair and similar skills.

Nov 4, this coming Wednesday is our first real AGM which will be held at the historic McGibbon Hotel at the old four corners of Georgetown. All volunteers and potential stakeholders are invited to attend. Time is 7pm but if you come earlier you can join some of us for something to eat and drink and become part of this growing conversation.

Oh and we would like to welcome Bernie Cobb to the board as treasurer (finally) and linear thinker. Also on the board are Roni Lester, Rajmund Maternowski, Wayne Koning and President & Founder Malcolm Black (meself).

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  1. I have a Lightning sailboat I would be interested in donating if interested. if interested. thanks.