Monday, 6 February 2017

Toronto Boat Show huge hit for K&C

your museum without a museum was a real hit at the Toronto Boat Show this year. Our volunteers were great, the new signage worked, the new model of having the kids carving paddles on the weekends was a huge hit and all together everyone involved had lots of fun and we met lots of new (and old) friends of our projects.

It is clear from the response to our story that we are doing something in the Glen that could and should be repeated in other communities. Again we have inquiries to do this which we will be following up.

Here are a few pictures of the new booth and activities:

kids could climb into the boats on the floor
Chris coaches future boatbuilder?

Anton has a way with teaching
SeaFlea driver next summer!

set up to invite play and fun
Mini-Hoppers were a magnet

Naval Cadets boarded our ship

a repeated scene!

George keeps an eye out

Skiff was appreciated by many
Bernie gives a paddling lesson

And so the week flew by. There were some landmark events -- we began the Show with 70 Toss N Save entertaining life rings to sell and they were all gone by the end of the second day. Unfortunately we couldn't get any more. The first raffle was sold out by Monday and we held the draw on Wed. Kathy Rhodes pulled the winner Max Swartz from the drum and he is over the moon with his win! The second raffle was sold out by late the last day of the show, thanks in part to ACBS members Chris VanDerGrift and Ken Kirk who grabbed up the last 10 tickets. Rita Adams did the honours and pulled winner Bonnie DiBianco who is also thrilled to be a boat winner!

K&C Boatshops is entirely funded through our raffle ticket sales, disposal of occasional boats that do not fit our museum collection criteria and the generous financial, material and service gifts of folks and companies who just love what we do.

We can't thank you enough for your support. However if you see us on the water, remember we are really a Boatride Museum more that a "look at" museum. So say hello and perhaps get a Boatride. We'll be doing that at the ACBS boatshow in Gravenhurst - second weekend in July. See you there or visit us any Saturday in our boatshop in Glen Williams!

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    I was wondering if you guys did the draw from the boat show yet.