Monday, 11 September 2017

K&C Storms "Thunder in the Harbour" Buffalo

Well "Storms" might be overstating our presence but we did make a difference to a lot of kids who came to this raceboat regatta with their folks! Rich DeGlopper who we know well from Ontario Place days was a key organizer of this event so I was determined to participate. Our plan was to put the sea fleas in the water and have some fun - that part didn't work out....

Ron Popenko joined me to run the booth along with my chum Bill Knoche

we had the choice location next to pits with the racecourse across the driveway from us

Once Ron and I had the booth set up with the sea fleas out front, 24' Shepherd in the back and paddle carving benches in the middle - things started to hot up! Raceboats in front of us running circuits in the Outer Harbour and kids on the benches non-stop! We never had a break to put the sea fleas in the water! Dang!

Ron decides to test the system!
and becomes a masterful coach!

Bill also loved coaching the kids

lots of action and interest in K&C

We really had a blast and we were visited by several organizations who will be in touch because they love some of the things we get up to! My thanks to Ron and Bill for jumping in and making our participation noticeable. Rich was amazed at the constant attention we were generating - we are already invited back next year!

and this is a pretty good reason to go. Care to join us?

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