Wednesday, 13 December 2017

News! See (fairly) exact replicas of Famous Raceboats at TIBS!

That's right! In the K&C boatshop our volunteers (Bernie & Bruce), like Santa's Elves, are frantically building two more sea fleas in time for the World Championship Indoor Sea Flea Races beginning on Jan 13 2018 on the Largest Indoor Lake in the World at TIBS.

 The new boats will almost be exact replicas of famous Canadian Raceboats, Gas-Hopper, Miss Canada, Canadiana Gran Prix and Miss Supertest. Our boats will have slightly different names to avoid confusion, Mini-Hopper, Mini-Miss Canada, Candiana Mini-Prix and Mini-Miss Supertest.

Here are the first two:

Rory in the Mini-Hopper at Gravenhurst

Mini-Miss Canada

And here are the new constructions as of this week,

George on Mini-Miss Supertest

Canadiana Mini-Prix under way
So stay tuned as we get these almost famous boats ready for the Great Event at the Boat Show!

We are still open for applications to be drivers if you have sea flea or outboard racing experience - especially during the week days! Email us at for more info!

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