Tuesday, 23 January 2018

K&C's Famous Raceboats SeaFleas the first four

TIBS is over and the "World Championship Indoor SeaFlea Races" 2018 is in the history books where it surely belongs! First ever indoor powerboat races on the world's largest indoor lake. I was blown away by the quality of the support we received from the greats of teh boat racing world - it was clear that few of the K&C volunteers had the background in racing needed to quickly understand how to maneuver in such tight quarters so I made one key call to Randy Milligan who I know from raceboat events. His dad and uncle raced and knew Dave Norton very well.

Randy connected me to Norm Woods (Miss Canada & Motorsports Hall of Fame) and to Andrew Fralick (TORC). I also called Chris Taylor of Muskoka SeaFlea fame who brought experienced drivers to the show.

From these connections came Harry Wilson (Miss Canada), Sue and Steve Huff, Mark Rotharmel, Erik and Christian Luksep, Scott Robertson, Roger Duncan, Emily and Patrick Overbury, Cam Newlands, Aiden Taylor, Sarah Renton.

To all these amazing folks I send my great thanks for jumping into such an unlikely proposition and givin' 'er hell.

Here are the Famous Raceboats SeaFleas....

Mini Gas-Hopper

Mini Miss Canada (with permission from Harry Wilson)

Mini Miss Supertest
and Mini Canadiana

Now some action shots:

Emily Overbury holds off Norm

Norm's smooth flawless style set him apart

Scott really got it going too

Scott is flying

turns were really hard to maintain without cavitation

Dock crew Bruce, MB, Scott, Ron

Meanwhile back on the K&C booth in the south foyer our core team of boatshop volunteers also had a great show and lots of fun. The carving benches were a total hit again!

chips are flying

coaching by Steve, George and Anton

Toss N Save Hats very popular this year

and then it was Sunday night....


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