Monday, 24 January 2011

The Varnished Truth w/e Jan 11

Bloody cold outside - warm in the boatshop!

Jim Steeves has been leading the charge getting the transoms and knees ready for the skiff kits. With expert help from Ron Frenette, jigs have been made to run these parts easily and accurately - this will really pay off in the future.

Meanwhile everybody has been involved in scarphing up the panels for the skiff bottoms and sides - just one more bottom to cut out now. Anton has worked his magic on the panels and they are smooth as glass! Here you can see Tamara jigsawing out the next batch of skiff sides!

The built skiff in the shop has now had 4 coats of varnish on it's stained areas - looking very nice!

Chris and George have been pressing on with the Lightning and all the deck beam work is done and the new seat structures are ready for stain and varnish. A few original parts still need to be stripped, stained and varnished. All the old screw holes that were holding the deck on were quite bad as they used steel screws so we have drilled them out to good wood and fashioned plugs for all holes - ready for epoxy and setting.

John has been at the bottom or the big Shepherd and all fasteners that were in too deep have been pulled, plugged and reset flush with the bottom. He has squeezed Slick Seam (reccommended by Dwight Boyd of Clarion Boats) into all remaining spots and sanded the whole thing. The paint will be on hand tomorrow and the bottom should have two coats this week - next the cuddy.

Roni is re-inventing the booth to be more "boaty" with the goal of having a sharp focus on why we are doing what we are doing and selling skiffs more often that we have been. Watch for more from Roni!

Come join the crew in Florida the week of March 19-27 on our 27' Shepherd! limit of 6 spots! Accomodation reservations need to be made soon!

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