Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Varnished Truth w/e Feb 19 11

OOps I seem to have gapped a few weeks! However it doesn't mean nothing has been happening!

Jim and George have been putting in time every week to get the skiff kits ready and they are nearly there. Stems and rip the longitudinals and they are ready.

Chris buggered his back but we were glad to see him back today, right into the Lightning of course. All the old screw holes have been plugged, filled, trimmed and faired. Some more fairing is required before the new deck goes on. Meanwhile George has pretty much finalized the new seating structure and it is ready to come out for sanding, stain and varnish.

John and Grant have the big Shepherd's bottom finished and it is back on the trailer. Great adventure today getting it over to John's and up the icy driveway!

This week it is stems and sticks to get the skiff kits finished, stripping, sanding and staining the Lightning parts and begin some lovely varnishing!

The St. John's River Cruisers will be working on the cuddy components, all the safety gear that has to be on board etc.

Know anybody that could use a skiff for their pond? Now's the time to speak up! they can still pick the colour!

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