Friday, 1 April 2011

Shepherd Team returns from Florida!

well the great adventure is behind us - what a blast! Long drive south hauling 5 tons of boat and trailer but all went smoothly. Once in Jax we had a few issues to solve with the boat and we finally launched on Friday 18th. Ron arrived so we took a slow cruise to the city - all well.
Florida or Bust picture!
Ron digs into wiring issues

Grant & John up to the task
Monday we head up the St John River
Despina at the Crab Shack for lunch
Shepherd team chows down
Dennis, Ron and John - back on the river
the fleet at Palatka Mon & Tues night

Despina at Tues lunch-Crescent City

BBQ lunch at B&B in Crescent City
Mike, John & Grant racing "Triples"
really - we're not racing!
little 'gator at Corky Bell's Restaurant
Wed AM leaving Palatka
In the boatshop at Walaka
the "fleet" at Blair's Jungle Den
top down - John runs the river!
Ibis, herons, gators and Osprey - every day
approaching Lake Monro & Sanford
lunch on Lake Harris near Mt Dora
MB rides with old friends on Dancing Bear
more pictures to come. We lost our boating on the final Sunday trying to solve a mysterious fuel problem on the port engine. Lots of fun was had by all on our team and we learned some new benefits our Despina can bring to our "Boatride Museum"!

More anon....

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