Saturday, 7 May 2011

Spring in the boatshop!

with the weather finally breaking a bit, the shop door is open again and there has been lots of progress.
George and Alan scarphed the side decks to the front deck
Katie Rogers worked the scarph joint on the rear deck panel
Everybody had a finger in applying the white primer to the inside!
scarph the rear deck panel to the deck assembly panel
second coat of white primer to inside - try for final primer coat.
Katie and Chris touched up the chine joints this week and touched up the primer today
sand out the white primer flat. If it flattens without going through - it is ready for colour.
begin painting the interior with the Buff colour.
Big Daddy Festival!

lots of books of tickets are out for the skiff draw. If you want a ticket or you can sell some tickets

, call Wayne Koning at 905 877-7342
If you wish to participate in one of the events that day call Roni at 647 302-7824

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