Sunday, 14 August 2011

Kids Transform Skiff this week!

great progress at the shop! Trevor and Scott (jr) have been out several times and are getting into raising their skills levels. They are becoming quite productive and self motivated - great to see!.
The skiff is all sanded and stained, ready for a few coats of S1 Sealer this week
The lightning deck assembly is sealed on the underside and ready to be flipped and fastened to the boat - a huge milestone! It is looking really fine.
Despina still needs to have a bit of carpet work done but she is just waiting to see if we can arrange a slip this week.
A new development! Volunteer Bernie would like to restore one of our outboards and we settled on the '57 Johnson 5 1/2 hp for a start. Parts will be relatively available and this will create a little brother to our trusty '57 Johnson 18 that you may have seen on the Richardson cedarstrip.
We have a 10' cedarstrip skiff which looks to be in fairly good condition but needing restoration, it is a pretty boat and would look great next to the Richardson with the 5 1/2 on it. Would this appeal to a team for restoration this winter?

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