Friday, 19 August 2011

Picton, Miss Supertest and Us

Report on K&C Footprint in Picton...On Aug 6-7, several of us went up Picton, invited by Grant, to see/stay at his new cottage, and take in the anniversary of the record breaking races won by Miss Supertest. We all converged on Prince Edward County on Friday: Rob and Scott, hauling the Richardson cedarstrip, John by himself with the Hunter and Malcolm and Gretchen with the big Shepherd.
All the boats were put in the water for the weekend thanks to the good graces of the PEYC, all boaters fed and watered by same. What was the name of the beer again...?
Weather was gorgeous on Friday, a mix of sun and cloud and a little rain on saturday, and ditto on Sunday, but nothing to discourage boating.
Went to the Picton airport Sunday morn to see the race boats on display. Miss Supertest, Canadiana, Mickey One, many others. Excellent display of boats and engines by the Antique Outboard Motor Club.
Good runs with Shepherd and Hunter, Saturday: on bay of Quinte, up to Deseronto, initial docking at deseronto yacht club, then moved to docks by the ramp at centennial Park.
Lunch in Deseronto, a bit of a hike, which could have been avoided if we'd just used our first dockage.
Sunday: Shepherd experienced some starboard engine hiccups after fuelling, which meant not going too far afield, but Scott and Rob got driving lessons, each taking the helm for good chunks of timewhich made the day infinitely more enjoyable.
Grant's house is amazing, as was the hospitality of Grant and Lois, as is the whole area. Hopefully there will be many more expeditions!

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