Saturday, 4 February 2012

Of Tops and Bottoms...

Lots of activity this week, beginning Tuesday evening with Trevor and George under the Shepherd with sandpaper and scrapers. Trevor found a note written in pencil on the number one forward deckbeam which said "6 sets 16 foot" - suggesting these were the first set.

"6 sets 16 foot"...
"I love sanding!"

By Saturday all four projects were in some level of action. With the pitching in of new volunteer Rajmund, he and Jim sanded the first primer coat of the skiff out pretty flat, tacked it and laid the second coat on. This one came out really well.

Ray and Jim lay it on smoooth!
really looking good here...

Meanwhile the insides of the Shepherd outboard was ready for a varsol wash and a fresh coat of Epifanes Woodfinish Gloss. George, John and Anton crunch through to make this all happen today.

lots of corners and hidden areas...
Anton and John get at the bow while it is open

Eventually there are 4 of us under there brushing away but what a difference! Too bad this is mostly out of sight in the finished boat! We are already working on stripping and cleaning the inner and outer original planks for the bottom. This week (or two) might see them all done and ready to go back on the boat!

under the bow deck - pure gold!
closing the last section!

At the other side of the shop Chris has showed up with the 86" wide canvas for the deck of the Lightning. Today some last minute fairing and smoothing of edges where the canvas will be stretched over the deck. With luck we'll epoxy the deck Tuesday night, sand it Thursday night and be ready to apply the canvas next Saturday. Lots of hands required to pull the canvas - so come on out!

Chris studying
Chris studying...some more

Today we had Jim, Ray, George, John, Anton and MB out. Amazing what was accomplised with many hands and it is inspiring to have projects move along so quickly as well.

Roni and Wayne will be attending a meeting in the Glen Monday night regarding the planning of the Big Daddy Fetival on Father's Day weekend - June 16 / 17 this year. We'll have the full story for you next week's edition but we will have lots going on at the Boatshop Museum! For sure there will be a need to bring in some funding to make all of this happen - let us know how you would like to pitch in...

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