Saturday, 11 February 2012

Where there's Lightning there's dunder (-heads trying to install a deck)

We are proceeding carefully after MUCH RESEARCH, nudge nudge wink wink...

Today the first coat of sealing epoxy was paddled and rolled out on the Lightning's deck - two coats went on as the stuff was dissapearing into the bare plywood deck like you wouldn't believe!

This week it will be sanded out so next week (drum roll), the canvas goes on! MANY HANDS NEEDED

Chris tapes off to prevent drips.
Scott and Chris do the finishing touches

Once the canvas is on we'll have to sand and paint it. We were thinking it would look great in natural tan canvas but epoxy is not UV tolerant and has to be covered or it goes chalky fairly soon. Then we'll be on to lots of varnishing the trim and seats etc - most of which have several coats already.

On the little Shepherd Outboard the hull is ready for the original bottom boards to go back on so we are plugging all the screw holes with sticks and epoxy. As everything has shrunk over the years and as we are going to put the original boards back on - they will be in a slightly different location and the new holes will have to drilled as required. This will allow us to tighten up the plank clearances to new specs.

George has a system, plugs are flying into place!

Great news this week! We can confirm that a date has been set for our first Boats for Folks Skiff building event with kids fighting cancer. This will take place in Toronto as a joint venture with an organization that specializes in helping these kids. Intended date of the build is May 5/6.

Big Daddy Festival is on again this year in the Glen and Kids & Classics Boatshops will be part of it. Events at our boatshop will include a Boats for Folks skiff building, an antique boat show, Paint-A-Boat (the other side of Wavecrast) and likely some other features tba!

If you wish to become involved in our activities this year call about attending our pot-luck boatshop meeting this Thursday Feb 16, 6:30 to 9 pm. 905 873-0141

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