Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hot & Wet! our first cruise that is...

July 15 turned out to be sunny with a possiblity of a shower later in the day. No kidding.

Our crew for Despina's first volunteer outing of the season included Scott and Ray with his son Conrad. We met at Outer Harbour Marina where Despina is on A Dock. Once out of the marina we put Conrad at the helm and did a fast run around the Island to the Western Gap. Seas were about 2' and out of the west - very nice.

The lunch stop was Toronto Island Marina which has good docking and a nice pub/restaurant with a great view! Just after we got settled, Despina was joined by another wooden boat - The Log Ness Monster! Matt and chums carved her out of trees blown down on the Island - very impressive!

Despina and The Log Ness Monster!
note the wood grained outboard!

After a lovely repast the crew decided to wander the back 40 and look for treasures...

Lo and behold a 16' Shepherd outboard like ours!
 Back on the water the picture had changed a bit. The sky had a certain threat to it in the east but the west looked good and wind was out of the west - so we headed back to the Western Gap.

Conrad and Ray soak up the view!
Scott takes the helm

Once through the Gap however the scene had changed drastically! Off the National YC there were 6' standing waves in a wicked cross-chop. The ship channel markers were dancing! Once past the airport marks we headed out to return around the Island which would put the seas at our back - much better. And so it turned out to be except...another surprise in store. Ahead of us just off the Eastern Gap there were crashing waves just as though there were rocks ahead of us - but there weren't. As we closed this phenomeneon it became bizzare - we had 5' seas at our backs and we were running into 3' seas coming right out of the Outer Harbour!

At the OHM gas dock it got a bit damp....for 40 minutes. We noticed that the canvas does not keep out water - at all...

this was after the lightning, thunder and torrential downpour!
So, who's up for the next adventure! If you are not an active volunteer in our boatshop, ask about Gatsby participation.

Meanwhile the Lightning has most of it's red paint and the first coat of blue. The Hunter needs a water pump rebuild before going in the water and the Fontaine is soaking up in John's pond so we can see if she floats!
and Fontaine in the pond!
Newbie Paul fits bunks...

Newbie Mark lays on the blue...

See you in the boatshop!

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