Tuesday, 10 July 2012

How Big Daddy Festival turned out at the K&C Boatshop!

As usual there were several things happening...Antique Boat Show, Boats 4 Folks (4 kids build skiff in 2 days), Marine Cupcake Decorating and the becoming famous Paint-A-Boat Event. Here is the story in a few pictures!

boat show from the new 3rd floor windows
the rest of the boat show!

From our 1900 Peterborough rowboat, Richardson and Fontaine cedarstrippers, Shepherds, Hunter, Grew and Cliff Richardson cruiser an unusual little boatshow. In the shop our nearly finished Lightning and under restoration 16' Shepherd Outboard.

Anton coaches on sawing
looking like a boat!

Boats 4 Folks Event where 4 local kids build a 12' skiff in 2 days - many new skills learned and shared and lots of fun too.

Marine Cupcakes make smiles!
Paint-A-Boat a big draw again (pun).

Roni ran the cupcake decorating event again this year and Scott ran the Paint-A-Boat event and the kids who showed up had a blast!

boatbuilders launch the skiff!
then try and get them out of it....

Finally on Sunday the skiff went in the water over at John's pond - the kids stayed in it rowing around for an hour! Coundn't get them out!

We had a great weekend with lots of laughs!

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