Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lightning activity!

Some critical breakthroughs this weekend on the Lightning which is great to see.

But first the second Shore Leave Night last Thursday was really fun with good grub and nips. After some serial lubrication all 'round, we got to a few items of interest brought on I suppose by the new Gatsby Fleet Log Books on display. These had been made up to go with our presentation at the Toronto International boat show as part of the ACBS booth.

The question of creating a burgie for use on our boats and members boats got som press time through the evening. The final proposition may even get tested for your reaction one of these days. We'll see!!

Another idea that got aired was the ummm....I forgot...

Oh well, here's what has happened this week.

Trevor begins cleaning out Gas-Hopper
George fitting new parts to Lightning

Chris dry fitting original splash rails.

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