Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hopper Racing Team gets at it!

The Toronto Chapter of the ACBS (Antique & Classic Boat Society) has dubbed this year Gravenhurst boat show "The Greatest Race Boat Show in Canadian History". Save the date, July 6 2013, and you will see not only the expected historic mahogany race boats by Greavette and Ditchburn, but you will see hydroplanes running! A crane will be on hand to launch and retrieve the hydros - this will be something new for the ACBS!

In keeping with the spirit of the festivities and to honour Kids & Classics Boatshops Museum's hero race driver, the late Dave Norton, we are resurecting his Hopper Racing Team beginning with his own first boat "Gas-Hopper". We intend to have her cleaned up, engine rebuilt and able to run in time for the show. Here's how we are doing so far...

engine out, stripped and ready
for degreasing.
Cam, pistons all look OK

This is a look at hotrodding in 1945 - engine is ballanced and blueprinted, every part stamped so it goes back in the same place, really nice work in here. We have been able to identify the engine from the part number stamped into the head gasket! Better still we have found a source for the gasket set.

Peter has been researching parts for the Ford 6 and Chase got into the hull clean-up in a serious way- the whole centre area is cleaned out now and next is the fuel tank removal. Stay tuned!

George gives jr volunteer Chase some pointers...

and Chase goes at it under the deck of Gas-Hopper!

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