Sunday, 3 February 2013

Decked out Lightning and gutted Hydro

Well we'll see how theory becomes reality on Tuesday evening when the paint on the deck of the Lightning is dry. We wanted a fairly flat finish to go with the canvas covering - don't think gloss would look right. We saw this done masterfully at the TIBS ACBS booth on a gorgeous International 14 restored at Woodwind Yachts. Ken Lavallette explained that he mixes 1/3 flattening agent into the top coat of paint to get the effect. Here we are getting ready...

taped, vaccumed and cleared
ready for deck Epifanes!

Meanwhile the Gas-Hopper crew has been digging further into the hull. We must be certain that she is seaworthy plus we wish to investigate some deck damage from below. The fuel tank is under the front deck and we need to clean that out and make sure it is sound as well. It's very tight quarters under there and it was fortunate that Chase, one of our youth volunteers showed up - he fits!

Last week the fuel tank was the obstacle
but it was just stuck - literally.
Once that was out Chase was able to clear
out all the old flotation foam and debris.

meanwhile Anton and George tackle the rear end
beginning with the aircraft seat.
To inspect the whole hull means removing the
lovely tail section aluminum bodywork - carefully!

All clear and in great condition - but dirty...
we could see a tank back there but couldn't tell
what it was for. Turned out to be an old aircraft
aluminum tank - all plugged - for flotation?

The crack in the front deck turned out to be under poor plywood
so we'll reinforce it from below and reglass the repair.

So stay tuned, if the Lightning deck is acceptable then from here on when parts go back on the boat they are on to stay (we hope). We need some funding to keep moving on Gas-Hopper, gasket set, shopped out cleaning, bearing shells if we can find them, crank polishing etc. Let us know if you would like to help - become a Gatsby member? Cough up $500 and go boating this summer?

two coats on the deck today - waiting to dry....

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