Sunday, 12 January 2014

TIBS the first weekend!

Load-in was quite a feat! Our booth is number 1005 and is in the South Foyer right next to the ACBS traditional booth - great location and next to good friends!

Our scheduled day to have anything that had to go through the main building was Monday and the Lightning certainly fell into that category. As an experiment in getting Bolt down there clean, we wrapped her in a clear plastic film given to us by Blastal Coatings which they use to divide their shop into "booths", danged if it didn't work a treat!

This gives a whole new meaning to "rapper"!
The Glen L TNT at the door...

Once we got the boats into the space we headed home until Thursday for final booth setup. This is the day for bringing signs, display items and the MiniMax Sea Flea in - which wasn't even assembled on Monday!

Nevertheless Saturday arrived and we were ready - of course we were there at 8 am for a 10 AM opening! Once we got going it was great - met some wonderful folks who would like to get involved in expanding our programmes.

K&C booth from east approach...

Amazing how "Bolt" brought in the Lightning sailors! They just loved the job we did on her.

and from the speedboat end, again it was just a riot how the MiniMax brought in dozens of guys
who had built one or more years ago. Even more amazing how many still have theirs - and
they are going to go home and get it out for "their grandkids" - right.
We decided to run a skiff raffle during the TIBS and set a draw date of March 21 - First Day of Spring. There is a slight deviation from previous draws, this time first place winner gets to choose between a finished skiff and a finished MiniMax! Results after 2 days - 60 tickets out of 300 SOLD!

SO, we are now targeting having them all sold by the end of TIBS so we can move the draw up. If you would like in on this draw and can't get to the boat show - better let us know!

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