Thursday, 23 January 2014

First Skiff Draw before TIBS is even over!

At 4 PM Saturday we were honoured to have Dusty Miller arrive at our booth directly from his stellar performance at The Lake - Roni went to watch and said he was very calm, cool and collected no matter what was happening with his "students" - one quote may have been "try your other left"...

With great ceremony Dusty pulled three winners from our transparent "hat"...
Who wins a beautiful skiff!

First Prize to Paul Gagne of Brampton who has
been cycling by the Boatshop for years!

Many thanks to my long time buddy Dusty!

First Prize (or should we say Grande Prix?) goes to Paul Gagne who has been cycling past and wanting to volunteer in the Boatshop for years! He will receive the unfinished skiff that was in the show but when it has been sanded, filled, varnished and painted to the Epifanes colour of his choice! Now if we can just get Paul to come out and volunteer - to sand his own skiff....

Second Prize goes to Rob Carswell of Terry's Hamer Bay Marina in good old Muskoka, while this is not a "fix" we must say we are quite delighted as Rob had already committed to dig up some antique outboards for donation to our new kids Sea Flea programme!

Here are a few of his choices of second prize...
A Gatsby Membership for 2014 - he would be invited to come along when we go boating in the museum collection antique boats.
Or one of the following 5 items:

Third Prize winner was our own Jim Steeves! One of our long time constantly contributing core volunteers...he gets to pick from Rob's leftovers!

Congratulations to our three winners and many thanks to all of you who generously purchased tickets!

Speaking of tickets - on Friday night our printer ran up the next 300 tickets so we could begin a new skiff draw on Saturday for the remaining unfinished skiff in the shop. By Sunday closing we had sold close to 1/3rd of that draw! If you would like a shot at the next skiff (or Minimax Sea-Flea) better speak up! Tickets are available at the Boatshop any Saturday morning - $10 per.

Here are few more shots of the booth.

Seemed like 100's of our visitors built one of these little hot rods!
You wouldn't believe some of the stories we heard...

Quite a few had built one of these Glen L TNT's as well.

but the real star (not Star), was our newly restored Lightning, "Bolt"

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