Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mini-Hopper prototype 2!

While there has been a huge cleanup and reorganization in the shop over the last week or so, the development of our own version of the MiniMax is coming along really well and the new design is beginning to show up.

proto 1 under construction - notice the kink
in the rear quarter deck and the dip in the shear.
rear view of proto 1 showing the add-on transom
and narrow rear cockpit.

rear view of proto 2 with the cleaner shear,
angled transom and raised rear quarter decks.

proto 2 front view showing the new shape
coming together. This one is made of fir.

For some time the motor shop under the mezzanine has also been the recipient of things that just had to be "moved out of the way for a minute" and had gotten to be a bit of a grotto. Well that is changing fast with Peter and Glen getting lighting up and running, removing stuff that doesn't belong there - should look good by Saturday and the arrival of the ACBS for their Winter Workshop Event. We are honoured that Kids & Classics Boatshops has been chosen to be the host!
Glen hangs the new lights in the motor
shop. He has been doing some really interesting
research on the Gas-Hopper's engine hot rodding!

George has worked out most of the details
for our new Super-Steam Box!

Here are a few more shots of the new Mini-Hopper Sea Flea coming along under Bernie, Tyler and Anton's delicate attentions.

Bernie agonizes over angles (and jutes?)

Anton fairs the front deck centre frame
which changed from ply to wood.

Bernie and Tyler getting the bottom right - finally!
See you on Saturday! If you are an ACBS member and haven't registered for this event - you can still do so on their website.

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