Thursday, 6 March 2014

of Mini-Hoppers, Shepherds and seafleas!

It's been a great week or so in the Boatshop, last week we had a turnout of old and new faces for Shore Leave Night, our monthly social/fundraising evening but I was too busy to remember to take pictures! Then last Saturday all teams had members working on their pet projects so things really moved along - here's how we are doing....

all teams are at it!

TNT restoration headed by Steve and Troy.

all deck fasteners refastened  and sunk for filling and fairing. Bottom examined and looks like it was fastened with steel screws which are showing early signs of deterioration - jury's still out on how to proceed but next step is to grind off 'glass covering strips to see better. New motor well structure built and dry-fitted.

almost ready for next step
TNT decks being stripped and sanded

Mini-Hopper development headed by Bernie H.

Bernie and Anton have been refining the lines of our new in-house version of the ages old MiniMax sea flea. It is coming along really well and will result in a good looking, tough little "kids" beginner sea flea. This is the first of the final boats built from mahogany. If you know the original boat you'll see the subtle changes to the sides, cockpit shape and transom structure. Anton is mocking up some dashboard and front cowl ideas...

Hmmm, it'll look great in aluminum...
the "look" is emerging now...
which doesn't mean he's not having fun!
Bernie has been documenting all the changes....

16' Shepherd Outboard restoration project shoved along by MB

Now that we almost know how to do a new bottom on a double planked boat, there's notning for it but to jump in. Last week we concluded that we can do the inner bottom with one scarph so this week we made up the panels and are beginning the fitting process.

Troy learns the tricky part - making the ramp.

"Dr" George verifies the results - good!

George clamps the scarph

scarph ready for epoxy G2 goop...

first test - needs more hands!

marking the cut from our pattern....

Lightning restoration - rigging phase, Chris is on it...

The boat was a real hit in our TIBS booth - thanks to Chris and many others on our team of volunteers. Now we need to get mast and rigging ready to match the boat!
the boom has been assembled and prep for more varnish is in Chris' hands!

Engine Shop progress, Peter head coach!

Our revised Boats4Folks programme for 2014 which includes sea fleas and other outboard boats in the water needs lots of engines running. Some are restorations and some are being refurbished (we'll figure out just what that means as we go!)... last week JJ got the Neptune running and is finishing it as display presentation in our museum booth in the Mill. Glen got the Johnson HD-25 running and has pulled it apart for a light rebuild (new rings etc) - we'll see what else. Glen also prep'd all the parts for the 1958 Johnson 5 1/2 for stripping and they are at Techno Strip Ltd in Brampton who is going to donate this cleaning project. (thanks Jerry). Peter is cleaning up and preparing our early 50's Johnson 10 which has never been apart before!

Wayne and Glen contemplate HD-25
HD-25 later...
JJ and shiny Neptune!

 Finally, who wants a partial MiniMax sea flea?

We might as well sell off our prototypes 1 and 2 so we can put some money back into the programme. Prototype 1 was in out TIBS booth and is a pretty complete MiniMax built to original drawings. It is not perfect but if you glass it all over which is what lots of builders do - it'll be dandy! It will go up on Kijiji later today but here is a deal for followers of this blog only!

Donate $500 to Kids & Classics Boatshops and you will receive a 12 month Gatsby Membership and the Proto1 MiniMax! This offer will not be made anywhere else.

Minimax, Proto 1

 For MiniMax Proto 2, which was never assembled completely and is not complete, but includes some of the changes seen in our final version, a donation of $200 will suffice.

bottom formed, bulkhead cut out, side panels and transom cut out.

 So there you have it for this week - a few of our key volunteers are away getting warm (whimps), so we have room for some new faces! come on in and get at something!

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