Sunday, 23 March 2014

The OOPs and downs of restoration

I might as well 'fess up to the OOPs part first. Hopefully you haven't been reading past posts where I described having the bottom panels for the 16' Shepherd Outboard ready to go with just one scarph? Whew, let's just pretend I didn't say that...NOW we understand what Dwight has been hinting at for a few weeks. When I told him we were going to put the bottom on like this he said something like "good luck", he has always had to cut and scarph 3" diagonal strips in order to make the compound curves in the bottom up at the bow.

When George and I tried to dry fit the bottom panels, they knuckle up just in front of the 2nd and 3rd frames. No way will they lie down and make a fair shape - damn it. So now we are going to do the the right way after all. George is making up a scarphing jig so we can make the scarph cuts on the table saw.

it almost works - a little more adjusting and we'll have it!

Meanwhile Bernie is back from the Keys having spent most of his time noodling how to redesign our sea flea! He showed up with a brilliant solution to closing the joint that makes the bottom shape at the bow. Using two ends of a large barrel clamp bolted to each side of the joint, he modified the tightening screw so he could run it up with an impact gun. This rig closed up that joint perfectly every time and made fine fitting the joint a piece of cake. really slick! We decided to G2 epoxy the joint and see if it will hold - before applying the fiberglas tape. Stay tuned.

barrel clamps bolted in place

Bernie bolted in place

epoxied and fileted!
clamps run up - perfect joint

Down in the engine shop Peter and Joseph get the Firestone outboard running and Jason brought in the family 15 HP Evinrude (about '62 vintage) which has shifting problems. Under Peter's guidance, he disassembled the lower unit, found the problem and once he has parts in hand - no problem! He and Steve are thinking it might go well on the TNT! Speaking of which...

Jason into Evinrude 15

while Steve does the real work...

Gas-Hopper is now fully stripped and ready for the next stage. Which is a close examination of fastenings to see what needs to come out and be refastened! Looks pretty good from a distance but!...

getting naked

done, revealing a nice solid oak transom

something used to come out that hole!

And finally the skiff! Jim plugged away at the finishing details in preparation for interior stain and varnish. Shaping the bowpost is part of that. Looking very good.

the great craftsman at work - tounge in teeth
And finally remember! Raffle tickets out - parts and materials in!

You can help by buying a raffle ticket for the last completed skiff in the shop (or a sea flea) just call 905 873-0141 or drop into the shop any Saturday morning or this coming Thursday evening 7 to 9 is March Shore Leave Night! Pizza and beer, $10 a head!

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