Sunday, 25 May 2014

Meanwhile IN the boatshop...

What with cottage opening and boats going in the water - few of our regular volunteers were a bit scarce this week - but lots got done in any case with those of us who don't have those distractions!

Last week we packed up the Gas-Hopper for while as we need the first bay for getting the boats to be used this summer ready to do that! First in was Dileas our 1949 Hunter Runabout. Glen has been rebuilding the waterpump for the Crown and has done a beauntiful job of it. There is also some refurbishing of some of the bottom coating but the varnish still looks pretty good.

one of our most reliable Gatsby Boats
and this will help!

Elsewhere in the shop we carried on with filling, fairing and skiff development....

Anton feels his way through!

current raffle skiff ready for more work

bottoms up in raceboats!
stained and first coat of varnish

George making skiff kit parts for this summer Boats 4 Folks program
So there you have last week and this coming Thursday (May 29th) is Shore Leave Night at the boatshop. This month George will be making up his secret homemade burger patties and some other surprises, Anton to be the cook on the BBQ down beside the river behind the boatshop! Only $10 a head for food and beer but RSVP or nothing for you...maybe.

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