Sunday, 1 June 2014

a "little" boat progress this week

as in sea fleas, skiffs and TNT! No we haven't restored Jingo yet...

Bernie was wrestling with finding a good repeatble solution to the steering system for the Mini-Hopper SeaFlea and ordered in a new puch/pull cable system for evaluation. Not a chance! Cable is too big for the boat and won't do a sharp enough bend. So back to the drawing board - on the other hand the inside cockpit panels are fitted but not fastened yet.

"Dr" Bernie checks out the fit
which looks pretty good!

looks fast so far...
making sure the tank fits

The TNT seems tantalizingly close to having the bottom painted but we've learned over the years that if you paint too soon you pay even sooner by sanding half of your paint off again to get a flat surface. So one more go around but it is close!

and the varnish work on the skiff if done as well!

Jim took up outboard motor repair under Coach Peter and soon had rebuilt a carburettor, removed a lower unit and got things back together - his first time on this kind of technology.

Jim and George are at it
our 10 HP is coming back together

Glen finishes the water pump for Dileas our 1947 Hunter.

Don't need one on an AJS...

Do you have one of these sitting around? We need two more for our youth programme to really work well. Maybe you know someone with an old motor not being used? Let us know!

We need motors like this - running would be good!

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